Cash Flow Statement 
 2014 Y2015 Y2016 Y2017 Y2018 Q3 YTD
Source Document12/31/201612/31/201712/31/201712/31/20179/30/2018
(in thousands)     
Net income 120,655116,073158,801247,105170,059
Adjustments to reconcile net income to net cash provided by operating activities 
Provision for loan losses 17,00015,50032,50041,00022,750
Net accretion of premiums and discounts from acquisition 0(2,727)(2,303)(1,906)(193)
Depreciation and amortization 46,35552,75154,55654,87539,781
Deferred income tax (benefit) expense (11,456)(4,848)2,75659,738(22,535)
Net increase in trading securities and other earning assets (2,714)10,258(12,420)(10,805)(29,583)
Gains on sales of securities available for sale, net (4,127)(10,402)(8,509)(4,192)(578)
Gains on sales of assets (3,034)(98)(762)(103,346)(157)
Amortization of securities premiums, net of discount accretion 51,54257,30154,46748,10133,906
Originations of loans held for sale (71,598)(96,324)(92,438)(65,163)(40,836)
Gains on sales of loans held for sale, net (1,137)(1,331)(1,774)(1,561)(966)
Proceeds from sales of loans held for sale 73,46897,69089,52270,54341,040
Equity-based compensation 9,66110,75111,73513,3168,964
Net tax benefit related to equity compensation plans 1,8809441,0733,6122,241
Changes in 
Accrued income (1,081)(7,075)(8,918)(9,201)(5,149)
Accrued expenses and taxes 40,345(4,503)14,112(40,806)(19,916)
Other assets and liabilities, net (20,100)(22,055)4,04225,21625,258
Net cash provided by operating activities 245,659211,905296,440326,526224,086
Proceeds from maturities of securities held to maturity 25,27059,77548,53987,59581,670
Proceeds from sales of securities available for sale 413,955946,045951,264578,51795,525
Proceeds from maturities of securities available for sale 1,321,1351,200,1781,792,3571,198,834825,504
Purchases of securities held to maturity (109,308)(451,350)(500,682)(236,832)(20,159)
Purchases of securities available for sale (1,859,692)(1,923,747)(2,546,028)(1,585,395)(760,205)
Net increase in loans (963,028)(988,434)(1,129,026)(770,727)(708,880)
Net (increase) decrease in fed funds sold and resell agreements (31,087)(45,190)(150,700)132,726(14,811)
Net cash activity from acquisitions and divestitures (18,231)95,3510164,5612,364
Net (increase) decrease in interest bearing balances due from other financial institutions (164,415)34,47388,00945,752(4,776)
Purchases of premises and equipment (44,790)(53,760)(50,841)(36,447)(36,731)
Proceeds from sales of premises and equipment 5,2121,0691,7603,037463
Increase in COLI/BOLI cash surrender value (6,000)(204,647)(7,095)(62,800)0
Proceeds from bank-owned life insurance death benefit NA002,60116
Net cash used in investing activities (1,430,979)(1,330,237)(1,502,443)(478,578)(540,020)
Net decrease in demand and savings deposits 174,718894,6671,598,0261,307,843(46,544)
Net decrease in time deposits (178,294)(352,622)(119,315)144,543(239,752)
Net decrease in fed funds purchased and repurchase agreements 441,914(207,070)38,875(596,233)(67,719)
Net decrease in short-term debt (107)(112,133)(5,000)0NA
Proceeds from long-term debt 5,3202,5001,5003,003NA
Repayment of long-term debt (1,565)(10,816)(11,703)(1,524)(1,554)
Payment of contingent consideration on acquisitions (13,725)(21,494)(3,031)0NA
Cash dividends paid (41,364)(45,967)(49,038)(51,876)(43,529)
Proceeds from exercise of stock options and sales of treasury shares 8,96611,60616,91113,8679,880
Purchases of treasury stock (5,741)(8,457)(16,367)(15,276)(26,417)
Net cash used in financing activities 390,122150,2141,450,858804,347(415,635)
Decrease in cash and cash equivalents (795,198)(968,118)244,855652,295(731,569)
Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of period 2,582,4281,787,230819,1121,063,9671,716,262
Cash and cash equivalents at end of period 1,787,230819,1121,063,9671,716,262984,693
Supplemental Disclosures 
Income taxes paid 61,22847,08644,07645,74962,776
Total interest paid 13,95817,81227,99956,82076,066
Transactions related to Marquette acquisition 
Assets acquired 01,312,17400NA
Liabilities assumed 01,151,02500NA

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